Family house in BUDAPEST with a large plot for sale

Budapest, Népsziget, Hungary
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6 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage

In the immediate vicinity of the Marina beach and the Danube Plaza, the family house, which was technically rebuilt in 2011, is located in a holiday-type environment, right on the bank of the Danube, on a large plot of land on the Népsziget.

The family house has:
– three floors
– 180 nm
– 6 rooms
– electric heating system + mixed-use fireplace
– air conditioner

The house has been renovated for 6 years, the owner has built the old style house from the inside, thus preserving its atmosphere.
The house has a 40 m2 panoramic terrace directly on the Danube and the Buda hills.
The plot can be accessed from two entrances, the street, and the Danube.
The boundaries of the plot are tidy, with a concrete plinth, wire mesh, and iron rod fence.

On the 4240 m2 plot there are additional holiday homes and residential houses, which are currently rented out as apartments, with an additional usable part of the building of about 500 sqm, outbuildings for rent, a garage, and a panoramic terrace.
The house also has a direct waterfront exit, a private boat and boat dock can be built next to it!
As a business, it is also possible to create a holiday complex thanks to the classification of the area !!!

Opposite the entrance to the house is a well-functioning catering unit with a large circle of guests.

!!!The property, which has a lot of possibilities, is an excellent investment opportunity thanks to the new development plan, up to 36 BEDROOM hotels can be built!!!

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